Our Background

our mission and values

our mission

To achieve a better day every day, by way of Quality and meaningfulness of life for the individuals we look after.

our values

  • Independence
  • Respect and Rights
  • Person Centered
  • Caring
  • Giving Choice
  • Empowering

residential care

Our commitment to quality care is at the centre or everything we do. We are committed to supporting people to live fulfilled lives. Our residential support plans enable this, providing people with greater choice and control over their own lives. Our priority is to make every day amazing through personalised care and supported living schemes that promotes independence and develop life skills.

At JayTee Care, our planning is centred around the clients and they are involved in all decisions about their care, and the service had developed creative means of enabling people to lead as full a life as possible. We also support and encourage our residents to utilize the opportunities in the wider community and our staff support each person to create person-centred plan that tells us how they want to live their life now and in the future . Through a range of communication tools, we ensure that each person is closely involved in the development and execution of their plans.

We deliver exceptional residential care with our ever improving team for adults and ensure that the service users enjoy good facilities, with the soothing relief of knowing that there is always someone on standby waiting to serve them when they need it.

We value the independence of our clients and we make them feel right at home.

domiciliary care

With this service of ours, you can trust us to rightly care and support you, knowing fully well that you are with a team you can feel most comfortable with, while we provide ongoing support that’s  built around your daily needs and routines.

Domiciliary care, also known as care at home, puts our clients in control of the plan and degree of support they receive. With our one-on-one personal attention, from 30 minutes a week and up to several visits a day or overnight support, our care plans are completely built around our clients.

Examples of how we support people.

  • Working towards independence with personal care tasks.
  • Skills building to manage money.
  • Travel training to gain confidence and independence.
  • Learning to stay healthy and exercising.
  • Support with medication and health appointments.
  • Discovering new hobbies, getting out and having fun.
  • Building social skills and expanding social circles.
  • Accessing vocational training and building work experiences.
  • Managing correspondence and bills.
  • Civic responsibilities training and participation.